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29.12.91 - 22.9.03

2003 was a sad year for us: we lost our beloved Fenella. She seemed so fit and strong but a routine blood check yielded devastating results. X-rays and a scan were done and a liver tumour diagnosed. Two weeks later our beautiful Big Girl passed away. She would have been twelve years old at Christmas.

Anyone who knew Fenella would remember her as Big, Beautiful, Boisterous - and Barking! (literally and at times metaphorically too!). We certainly remember her that way, and we shall always carry her in our hearts


16.1.92 - 10.6.04

But she left Flossie behind. The love and closeness between Fenella and setter-sister Flossie has always been a source of joy to us. When they lay down together you couldn't tell where one ended and the other began - such was the tangle of legs! When Fenella became ill, Flossie sensed this and also fell grievously sick and almost died. In the days following the loss of her life-companion it was touch and go, and it seemed Flossie would soon follow, but Flossie's amazing courage pulled her through. The arrival of the pups helped, but being so boisterous, they were not really suitable companions for her. Then came Ben (read his story on page 4) and Flossie's life was transformed. She and Ben hit it off from day one and cuddled up each night on her big duvet. She began eating two hearty meals again and they always shared a bowl of water. Flossie was happy again.

She's my girl! Sadly her time with him - and us - could not go on for ever. A few months down the line she started suffering attacks that were identical to those of Fenella. Eventually our fears were confirmed and yes, a tumour was diagnosed. That's how they were throughout their lives: so close they did everything together. On Thursday, 10 June 2004 Flossie was reunited with her setter-sister Fenella. Now they lie side by side again, as they did in life.

My Girls are together once more.

The following morning I woke up and after a moment or two, realisation struck: 'Flossie has gone', and a huge black cloud enveloped me. But then insight struck like a bolt of lightning: why had I not seen it before? Everyone, Ian my vet, my wonderful team-mates at the office, Lorna at Moorbrook Setters, had all said the very same words to console me: 'Flossie has had her extra time' referring to the fact that after being so near death when Fenella died, she had lived on another nine months. And it didn't register - until now. Oh, yes she had her extra time all right. Because what was Ben's kennel name? That's it: Moorbrook Extra Time! I knew from that very first sight of Ben that he was meant to come home with me. He loved her, and made her happy again after losing Fenella.

So thank you Ben. And thank you Ken and Lorna of Moorbrook Setters, The croft, Stony Lane, Garstang, Lancs. for providing us with such wonderful companions. Hands off, he's mine! Flossie was courageous, indomitable even! (unstoppable as a tank once she got a roll on!), and heart-warmingly funny.  She was loved by everyone - And Special. I can't even attempt to express my love for her, so I'll just say:

Together again 'Thank you Darling Floss for the twelve and a half years of love and happiness you gave me. I shall keep you forever in my heart. Now run free and play once more with your bolshy sister Fenella! Until we meet again my lovely girls……'

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