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.:~This Page is Dedicated to TILLY~:.

Only Sleeping......



MAY 1991 - DECEMBER 2008

At the grand age of seventeen and a half years, Tilly passed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Despite her great age, it was still unexpected as she didn't look old (the above photograph was taken only last year).  She kept right on hunting and socialised with (bossed!) the Pack members to the last.


For Tilly

Tilly Budlet

That is what we used to call you

Young and fresh as a bud in May

Always ready to play

Despite your seventeen years.

Tilly Green-Eyes

Was your other name

Emerald lamps that glowed so bright

As you stalked and hunted into the night

Then crept, all innocent-like

into our warm and welcoming bed.

Tilly the Sadly-Missed

Faithful companion and Setter friend

Sadness now, but a love without end

And a promise to meet again

In a timeless space between the rainbow bands

Sadly missed - always loved


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Tilly out on the fell in the snow
Ellie, Tilly's litter sister, aged 15 snoozing by the Aga

Marcus who also lived with Tilly until he passed on at aged 16yrs

                                                            Happy  Hunting Tilly! Reunited with Ellie and Marcus, & forever in our hearts

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