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.:~This Page is Dedicated to ~:.  Sh. Ch. Moorbrook Just Joey


Sh. Ch. Moorbrook Just Joey


16.4.1999 - 5.7.2010

Farewell - but not goodbye.....


On 5th July 2010, at the age of 11yrs and after a short illness, Joey passed peacefully over the Rainbow Bridge at his home in the Lakes, to be re-united with sire Ben, and all the family and friends gone before.   He was laid to rest next toBen in the family's Setter Grotto, surrounded by flowers  - and so much love.    

Joey had a wonderful life, both as a shining star of the show world that he loved so much, and then in happy retirement with his pack in the Lakes. His pack members are sad and lost without their Big Joey, as are we at the loss of a lovely  friend and companion.

However he was a wonderful Top Dog, and I have no doubt that as they race up the fell where Joey loved to run, and bask in 'his spot' in the sun, his spirit will be running with them.

Thank you Joey, for being our generous and big-hearted Top Dog

- and our much-loved and missed Friend.

You take Lorna-Mum's enduring love with you too.

Run with Ben and the others now, and trot your Lap of Honour in that Ring of Stars in the sky!

(Rosa 'Just Joey ' - for which Joey was named )

Just Joey

Joey, our Big Boy and beloved friend

So sadly missed though

With a love that has no end

Only a different dimension.

Joey, Top Dog of undisputed pride

Tail slashing and head held high

Your power-driven stride

Charted the course of your life.

Joey, proudly leading out the boys

Duck or dolly in sensitive mouth

A badge of honour, not mere toys

and Serious Business to the initiated!

Just Joey

Just that...

And so much more - to all who knew you.

Always loved, Ever in our hearts xxxx
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Joey and Clifford - Guess who is Boss?

Just Joey - on his arrival in the Lakes

Until we all meet again Lovely Boy.....xxx

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