Clifford at home in the Lakes                    Blodwen: 2 weeks before the birth



!                                           3RD JANUARY 2011 - A DAY OF GREAT EXCITEMENT!                                               


Clifford and Blodwen got it together on Bonfire Night! You could say there were fireworks! 

Blodwen - not surprisingly! - lives in South Wales at the Hazeysunsett Kennel with her 'Mum' Julie, 'Dad' Anthony and their four lovely boy English Setters. 

Julie brought Blodwen to Clifford at the beginning of November 2010 and stayed the week, and they took to one another immediately.  We all think it was definitely a love match!  They were successfully mated and Blodwen went home to Wales.  Clifford cried all that night and the next too, and even now goes running up the garden to the log cabin where they stayed, still looking for 'his little Welsh sweetheart'. 

Then came the nail-biting time whilst we waited to hear whether their union had been a success.  A scan was done and Julie phoned to break the news - Blodwen was pregnant!  Eight puppies had shown on the scan.  Jubilation all round!

Then more waiting: would Blodwen whelp safely and successfully, and would the babies thrive? 

She did, and the puppies were fine - all NINE of them!  Yes, eight were expected, but a little latecomer arrived! 

That made six boys and three girls!

Julie and Anthony did a magnificent job of rearing them and all the puppies, and Blodwen, are well and thriving.

More excitement:  at the end of this week I am going to Wales to pick our boy - a very special occasion as we have waited for six years for our 'BBB'  Baby Blue Benson - Ben's great grandson. Watch this space for his intro!

Ben must be so proud of Clifford.  I know we are, and of the lovely Blodwen!

Well done both of you!  And also Julie and Anthony for their devotion to rearing the puppies.

PUPPY ENQUIRIES:  O1633--855521



                                         The Boys at 3 weeks                                                                                           
                           The Girls at three weeks


                         Where are the Girls? (4 weeks)

                                              Basketful of Love! (5 weeks)




Oh, Oh - went for one puppy came back with Two!

Introducing Benson (on left) and his twin sister Bronwen! She's a little minx but I just couldn't leave her behind!



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